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We have put extra measures in place to ensure safe distancing, including clear screens at reception, one-way routes on stairs where possible, with hand sanitiser and masks available to staff and guests. The property has reduced occupancy, airing rooms between guests while extra deep cleaning is carried out. We have reduced some facilities to ensure staff interaction is kept to a minimum;our bar will offer garden or room service only. We aim to provide our usual buffet and freshly cooked breakfast with extra precautions, while our restaurant tables will be suitably spaced apart..

Pease select your arrival date below and on the next page you can chose your departure date and room type.

We look forward to welcoming you to the River Hotel.

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General Policy

All bookings are accepted on a request basis only.Completing an online booking form does not imply acceptance of accommodation. Any confirmation number issued by an online booking site is not proof that we have accepted your booking.No bookingis definite until we receive payment of the deposit when we then acknowledge and confirm the booking to you in writing.

To make a booking definite we require a deposit (equal to one night accommodation or the total stay) . We will charge your credit card with mail order authorisation holding the authorised voucher for collection on arrival at the hotel.We will confirm in writing with a receipt for the booking. The balance for any services is payable at the time of check-out.

By submitting your credit card details online you authorise us to charge the total booking to your card.If you do not provide your credit card details at the time of booking request on our secure server, you will need to contact the hotel reception to discuss other options.

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